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How to book tickets

You can book tickets online, by phone, post or in person. 

Book tickets online

You can book tickets online using a credit or debit card. 

There are no hidden charges when you book online.

Book tickets by phone 

You can buy tickets using your credit or debit card by phoning the box office.  

Tickets can be posted to you for a £1.50 charge.

Or, you can choose to leave your tickets at the box office for collection at a later date, including on the day of the show. 

Book tickets by post 

You can book tickets by post and sending us a cheque.

When you book by post you will need to: 

  • include a stamped addressed envelope so we can send the tickets to you 
  • make a cheque payable to Medway Council and print your name, address, daytime contact number and cheque card number on the back.

Book tickets in person

You can book tickets in person by visiting the box office during opening hours.

We're open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm or 15 minutes after curtain-up on show nights.

Bookings for wheelchair users 

If you will be attending the event in a wheelchair or have any additional needs, please contact the box office and we'll be glad to make your booking. This is to make sure you have an enjoyable experience at our theatres and can be confident that your needs will be met. 

Group bookings

We offer group rates for selected shows.

Contact the box office to find out which shows are available for a group rate.

To find out more or make a booking, phone 01634 338 338.

Birthday parties

For some children's shows at The Brook Theatre you may be able to book a children's party with the show. The catering for this is supplied by our in-house catering team. 

Workshop bookings 

You will need to complete consent paperwork before your child can attend any of our youth workshops. Contact the box office for more information.

If you have any special needs requirements for either children or adult workshops or classes, contact the box office before you or your child attend. 

Paying for your tickets

You can pay for your ticket online using a debit or credit card. 

You can also pay with cash, debit or credit card at the box office. 

You can use your credit or debit card to pay online. 

If you’re booking tickets by post you can send a cheque with your requirements. 

Collecting your tickets 

You can collect your tickets from the box office during opening hours, including on the day of a show.  

If you want your tickets sent to you, you will need to select the postage option when you order.  

The postage charge is a flat rate of £1.50. This is the same price if you’re booking your tickets online, by phone or by post. 

We will post your tickets to you second class on the first working day after you make your booking. Allow at least one week for your tickets to arrive before you contact the box office. 

Care of Box Office 

If you would like to collect your tickets from the box office select the 'Care of box office' option when you order. 

If you are at the theatre before the date of the show and you want to pick up your tickets, a member of staff at the box office can print your tickets off for you.